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I'm considering getting a literary agent. It's important that we establish, early on, what I want to flex in the book market because I'm often fixed on my concepts with little room to budge. I have the tools to tell my stories, create graphic novels, I just don't have the technical chops and business savvy to market and exploit my ideas while protecting my interests and making money outside of the comix market. That's where I need an agent to have my back and weigh in with their experience and resources. I spend an inordinate amount of time kicking around the flotsam that jets around my head before I put pen to paper. For every solid idea I think I have, a few drafts get torn apart before I feel confident in what I want to achieve. I'm not against adjusting proposals for story clarity and punctuation, I just want my agent to know that it's important they help me succeed with my ideas first, rather than push me to modify said ideas for an impossibly broad market. Even though my ideas tell universal truths, I quickly lose interest when attempting to transform and water them down into something for mass consumption. The flip side? I doubt I have a HARRY POTTER in me. I know this sounds suspiciously like an auteur shooting himself in the foot [and who knows what a planet will respond to?], but the agent must trust that I know what I want to make and maybe it's not going to become a franchise or a toy. Ergo, I need to brand my sensibility. Not necessarily my ability to craft derivative media for the popcorn consumer. And, believe me, I've got nothing against popcorn consumption. I like mine with a little salt on top. My fear is that my work will ultimately make nothing more than a measly footnote in the grand schema. If that. And that kind of market blip won't make me money while I sleep. A conundrum. I hope my dream agent won't find it too much of a struggle to help steer my ideas to the right people willing to take bold risks with my convictions. I want my SIN CITY, too. Is that a fair shake?

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