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You too?

I arrived late to the BIZARRO WORLD signing worried I wouldn't snag a copy of ULTRA #7 ['cause that comic sells out quick]. Once I got caught up in the web of "new comix day," I didn't sit down to sign until I paid for my booty. The table was packed with artists and writers signing and I sat behind fareldal, who was kind enough to check in on my compromised knees and elbows. I wound up drawing a slew of non-stop Bizarro Pekar's. I barely got the chance to chat with fans and poke fun at my peers. The group was regulated to sketch duty until all the books were sold. It was a successful signing even though I felt like I missed the party.

One of my heroes [and mentors], Walter Simonson, swung by to show us kids some love. He schooled me on a good MODESTY BLAISE collection to pick up for digital_ink, who's been pining for some Jim Holdaway art.

It was surprising to note how many of the folks shucking & jiving behind and in front of the table were on LJ. At one point, goraina whispered in my ear that she almost called me "Man-Size" when I walked in. I reminded her of the first rule of FIGHT CLUB.

Photo ganked from fareldal

L to R: John Kerschbaum, Leela Corman, Todd Alcott [behind Leela], Joey Cavalieri, Chris Duffy [behind Joey], Tom Hart, Dave Roman, Michael Kupperman [behind Dave], Raina Telgemeier, R. Sikoryak [behind Raina], Danny Hellman, Dean Haspiel, Farel Dalrymple

Photo ganked from goraina & yaytime:

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