Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Keep on slinging!

Leland Purvis came over for a few hours last night while we drew in our separate corners, talked comix shoppe, and corked each other's heads full of cotton to hold back the hemorrhaging as AMERICAN IDOL made our ears and eyes bleed. The only thing that makes AMERICAN IDOL interesting to watch are the auditions. Once the jury has selected their pop candidates, it's over. There's no reason to witness or support the making of another BRITNEY SPEARS or JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. However, human behavior is a fascinating study [one of the many reasons I enjoy crime and horror], and to watch people have no sense of self is senses shattering. The human mind can lie to itself in so many unbelievable ways. AMERICAN IDOL hints at how President Bush is possible.

Anyhow, Leland is a great and talented guy who moved to Brooklyn recently, lives with and romances ebess, drinks beer, and is responsible for such coolio comix as VOX, PUBO, and SUSPENDED IN LANGUAGE. Check out his wares:

I got an email recently from the folks who run the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. Seems that one of their pals' 4-year old son, Nicholas, has Leukemia and his prognosis is "iffy, at best." The kid digs SPIDER-MAN and a reach out for get well cards from the comix community was put forth.

I asked zegas to bust a quick "get well" Spidey [Ditko is his fave], and while Leland was over, threw down the gauntlet. He picked it up faster than Ricochet Rabbit on Crack.


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