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Apples, Oranges, Slingshots, and Hours.

My pal Lauren G [aka Scientist A] runs THE ORANGE OBSERVATORY and gave me an honorary position at her domain. Lauren G writes for various pop culture magazines including ELECTRONIC GAMING MONTHLY and HIGH TIMES, and her main squeeze David K [aka Scientist X], just split his corporate perdition to make a scathing documentary about that there perdition. For the fun of it, I suggested they review a couple of randy movies I had on VHS: a famous porno film written by Jerry Stahl called NIGHT DREAMS, and a horror film I have yet to see called THE SNAKES. Check out their thing:

5 of 24.4:
24/Season Four is aiming to please and episode 5 was top notch. From the proposed gas chamber sequence, to the compromised terrorist martyrdom, to the singing cell phone horror, 24 brings the melodrama. A missile is definitely going to blow that industrial hideout up, but this is just the first quarter of the story. You know how it goes: the first hour often has no relationship to the last. I was thinking for awhile there that maybe the terrorist mom just poisoned her son's girlfriend, but when she shot her, too, I was like "Okay, she's dead fer real." Yeah -- the mom is ill. Then again, all the women in roles of authority seem to play their power card to the hilt in order to position themselves for higher glory, in this show. I dig the evil Muslim family conundrum. The son is going to erupt in a way that could devastate the cause. I think terrorism is going to learn a lesson here. Chloe is the best character next to Jack Bauer. She is mos def heading over to the hospital to make sure her good friend [Lucas Haas, the computer hacker] is recovering well. Jack is not done with her yet and she's not done with CTU. Heller is perfect. Devane is a magical cross-between Republican and Democrat. The Red Kennedy sans hootch. Heller's daughter Audrey reveals character and not much else. Thankfully, episode 6 will give her and Jack a minute of R&R before he loses his grasp of her and fight the good fight. Still, it'll keep the romance kindled. CTU director, Driscoll, is creepy and has man hands. The introduction of her violent, schizophrenic daughter is the big x-factor. Her offspring is going to unhinge her, cause irreconcilable horror, and make Curtis head of CTU. He's the "new Tony" and he's a guy we can trust. So far. Marianne is filling in the role of Palmer's power hungry ex-wife Sherry. 'Nuff said. Edgar Stiles is the best geek ever and his "great memory" is going to come in handy when the internet SHUTS DOWN!

Looks like I'll be hanging a little bit at this weekends BIG APPLE COMICON:, with cohorts dinoblack and MARVEL KNIGHTS: 4 penciller. Jim Muniz. I don't have comix to sell but I might bring art to hawk and projects to hype. I'm sure to draw a sketch or so. My weekend schedule will dictate my availability.

This coming Saturday night @9PM, GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS cartoonist Danielle Corsetto [] will be partying at JIGSAW: Don't be square.


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