Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

My father in Cindy Adams' NY Post column today

"1983, photographer Jim Haspiel’s Marilyn Monroe photo library was printed. 1991, his book “The Ultimate Look at the Legend Marilyn Monroe” was published. 1995, stories called him “Marilyn’s friend” and “ace archivist.” ’08, his full-page candids of her were re-reprinted.

In his 80s, living quietly, his camera now focused on friendly neighboring deer, he challenged last week’s newspaper story of a self-styled Marilyn impersonator claiming she lived in a $2.73 million Hollywood abode which had been Marilyn’s.

“No,” he said. “Look, I’ve followed Marilyn and been part of her life since I’m 16. Marilyn’s was 508 N. Palm Drive, Beverly Hills.

“The Reelz channel just did a doc on Marilyn. Netflix is now doing one, so’s CNN. And a movie’s coming,” he said. “Everything about her — including her homes — has been thoroughly documented even in newsreels.”

Seems Ms. Monroe dipped her toes in many many LA homes."

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