Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Godzilla vs King Kong

On March 4th between 11:30am - 1pm EST, I heard a loud metal CRUNCH sound outside my 3rd floor window of REDACTED Street. I was immediately worried that my double-parked car was damaged by a large vehicle. When I looked outside my window, I was relieved to discover that my car was safe but alarmed to see that two other cars had been damaged by a large truck. In our neighborhood (as is true for many neighborhoods) it's perfectly legal and customary to double-park your car to allow sanitation to clean the street. However, it makes car owners wary because large trucks sometime traverse our residential block and it creates cause for concern. Space becomes limited.

Anyway, I saw that a large truck was stuck between two cars and the truck driver tried to navigate his way out of it by moving back and forth only to cause more damage. It sounded like Godzilla versus King Kong as this occurred and some people on the street yelled at the driver. At one point, both cars lifted UP and to the side as the large truck moved forward and drove away. It was brutal.

When I went downstairs to park my car, I saw the man who owned one of the damaged cars and let him know what I saw, offering to make a statement if needed. It was the first (and only) time I met REDACTED. I remember advising him to open his car door to see if it still opened. That's how badly damaged his car was.

It happened. And there were other people on my block who witnessed it, too.

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