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History Comics and Comics in Education reviews CUBA: My Revolution

"Cuba: My Revolution. Inverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel w/Jose Villarrubia and Pat Brosseau. 2010. This book is for mature readers - sexual images, language, and violence. This harrowing account by Lockpez, paired with stunningly haunting illustrations by Haspiel, have me understanding a complex Cuban Revolution on an emotional and personal level. Even the coloring by Villarrubia is impactful - as the color red becomes an integral character in the story. Combined with the lettering by Brosseau and we see a powerful book that takes full advantage of the comics medium. We need to understand the micro stories of history and not just the big picture with larger than life leaders. We need to know that events, large and small, are complicated and not guaranteed to turn out in an particular way. I thank Lockpez for sharing her experiences in what can only be described as honest and brave - for giving me a window into events I have never contemplated before. The warnings of ideology and blind beliefs are strong reminders to us all to not idol worship, but to take into account many different facets of leaders and the unfurling of complex events. My soul was impacted as I read this book, often having to pause and reflect, to feel and wonder. This is a powerful story."

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