Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

THE DUSK Kickstarter featuring The Red Hook crossover pin-up

I created The Dusk/The Red Hook crossover pin-up for THE DUSK Kickstarter.

Creation.Ink is proud to present THE DUSK, graphic novel, brought to you by the minds and talents of Alex Segura, Elizabeth Little and David Hahn, with Ellie Wright and Taylor Esposito.

"THE DUSK is a modern reimagining of the superhero vigilante that flips the script on the traditional “might makes right” approach while adding the grounded, socially conscious perspective that modern crime fiction has become known for.

The graphic novel blends the dark deco of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES with a dose of moral complexity and dark humor, creating an engaging and witty look at the inner workings of a beloved genre through the eyes of a flawed, human, and heroic figure."

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