Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

WILL EISNER’S NEW YORK: The City in the Master’s Work

March 2, 2021, 7pm EST

WILL EISNER’S NEW YORK: The City in the Master’s Work

From the Golden Age of Comics through the modern graphic novel (a form he was instrumental in popularizing), you will find New York City at the heart of Will Eisner’s work. Whether thinly disguised as “Central City” in the pages of his legendary creation, The Spirit, or more directly presented in his autobiographical graphic novels such as A Contract With God, New York: The Big City and City People Notebook. New York was portrayed by Eisner as only a native of the city could show it. In this slideshow presentation and discussion, Dean Haspiel (The Red Hook; American Splendor), Karen Green (Columbia University Graphic Novel Librarian), N. C. Christopher Couch (UMass Amherst; The Will Eisner Companion) and Danny Fingeroth (A Marvelous Life: The Amazing Story of Stan Lee; chair of Will Eisner Week) reflect on the relationship between the artist, his work, and his city.


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