Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Pardon Me For Asking

I had the pleasure of talking to Katia Kelly about my Brooklyn-inspired comix for my favorite neighborhood blog, PARDON ME FOR ASKING.


"One of the things that spawned The Red Hook was me being in a studio with other artists carving out our little spot, to be able to make stuff," Haspiel explained to me. "A few years go by and the artist warehouse is being sold to become something much more expensive. We keep on getting ousted and pushed away farther and farther."

According to Haspiel, in order to be able to afford studio rent, artists find spots where no one wants to go. But when they create cool art, they attract attention to the places they occupy. "Outliers make an unlikely place attractive, and then developers come and say 'Well, now that they have done the hard stuff, let's build new structures here.' And they literally just kick out the artists who are just trying to make it. That seems to be the domino effect."

You can read the entire interview/article here (plus comix):

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