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NEWSARAMA: Dean Haspiel turns his love for misunderstood monsters into latest creation for Red Hook

Chris Arrant talked to me about BLACKOUT: The Red Hook season 4, and the creation of The Cobble Hill Colossus at Newsarama.


"I'm not sure of the gender of the Cobble Hill Colossus as it's a walking, burping crystallization of the toxins and stones expelled from a sentient New Brooklyn's kidney but with a heart of gold. It's like an abandoned dog made of junk that looks like a Jack Kirby reject from ye olde Tales to Astonish series."

"The misunderstood monster is evergreen with possibility and teaches us the most about humanity. The investigation of the banished misfit is rich with romance and redemption, where we can dissect bitter intent and gain sweet context.

Pure evil is not as interesting as moral ambiguity. We often ask 'why?' when we should be focusing on 'when and where.' Mapping the origin of a soul can tell you a lot."

You can read the entire interview/article here:


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