Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

BLACKOUT: The Red Hook season 4

Upon finishing STARCROSS, season 3 of The Red Hook, I considered the natural evolution of New Brooklyn, a seceded republic defined by art and authenticity, and my first thought was "1961." The same year that spawned the Marvel Universe. Before the internet. Before smart phones, social media, and the horrors of a surveillance society. And, I came up with "Blackout."

I'm excited to launch my weekly New Brooklyn webcomic series, BLACKOUT: The Red Hook season 4 at Webtoon!

I wrote it while on residency at Yaddo, Fall of 2019, and I've been drawing it since the very beginning of 2020. I'm currently working on chapter 20 of 26. The story veers into some eerie similarities with some current events. Does art imitate life or vice versa?


Here is a brief synopsis:

When The Green Point's apocalypse sword is reactivated by the malice of The Coney, The Red Hook must combat and convince his psychotic, vigilante mother to help finally destroy it, only to accidentally rebirth the wrath of an unexpected villain who threatens to save earth from the hierarchy of humanity by sending New Brooklyn back to the stone age! Does The Red Hook have to break bad in order to restore the goodness of society?


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