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PANDEMIX previews, reviews & podcasts

PANDEMIX: Quarantine Comics in the Age of 'Rona, the anthology I curated and co-edited to help benefit The Hero Initiative and cartoonists in need is doing well.

Click here to get your PANDEMIX download for $5 (or $20 if you're feeling generous).

Here are some cool reviews, previews and podcasts, thus far:

PANDEMIX reviewed by Adam McGovern at Hilobrow.

PANDEMIX reviewed by Bob Harrison at Pop Culture Squad.

Bleeding Cool preview of Jeffrey Bruandt & Christa Cassano's "Iterations of the Apocalypse."

The Comics Beat preview of Marguerite Dabaie's "It'll All Be Alright."

SmashPages preview of Morgan Pielli's "Protection."

Newsarama's preview of Mike Cavallaro's Star Wars themed PANDEMIX back cover.

Word Balloon podcast with John Siuntres, Dean Haspiel & Whitney Matheson.

Serch Says podcast with MC Serch, Chuck D, DMC, and Dean Haspiel.

Wits' End podcast with Shah Emami and Dean Haspiel.

Ellen Lindner talks PANDEMIX and other stuff on Gil Roth's Virtual Memories Show podcast.

Public Book: CAN COMICS SAVE YOUR LIFE? by Hillary Chute

Diamon Bookshelf: Katie's Korner: Graphic Novel Reviews for Schools and Libraries

Girth Radio: My Summer Lair featuring Whitney Matheson (Pandemix: Quarantine Comics)

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