Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

La Caridad

One of my very favorite restaurants in Manhattan recently became a victim of COVID-19. I used to live across the street from La Caridad and grew up on their food. Even though I moved to Brooklyn 23-years ago, I still biked to La Caridad for its amazing fried pork chops, yellow rice and black beans. Their Wonton soup could defeat the flu in one bowl. Alas, the upper west side can no longer support the likes of Chino Latino food. I fear Flor de Mayo is next. I've commiserated with friends and family that money needs to change. The price of things has become untenable. Society needs to alter what things cost so we can support our diverse culinary and creative cultures before places like NYC becomes one giant CVS book-ended by banks with no one around to graffiti.

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