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Dean Haspiel interviewed in The Washington Post about creating art during a global pandemic

Alongside Lynda Barry, Jeff Kinney, and other peers, I was interviewed by Michael Cavna for The Washington Post about creating art during a global pandemic.

"5 tips to spark your creativity while working alone, from artists who do it all the time"


Give yourself creative freedom

Even the professionals can struggle to create when a crisis dominates the headlines, let alone becomes personal. They give themselves permission to fail.

“A lot of bad art is going to come out of this nightmare — including my own — and that’s okay,” says Dean Haspiel, the Emmy-winning illustrator and creator of “Red Hook” comics. The Brooklyn resident has several acquaintances who have had covid-19, including one who died.

Haspiel knows some colleagues who say creating art during a pandemic is frivolous. He strongly disagrees — for him, using one’s creativity can be healthfully addictive.

So he encourages such engagement: “Look around you. Listen to others. Listen to your heart. Take it in. Let it steep. Make the art. Express yourself.”

End of excerpt.

You can read the entire article here:

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