Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

The Day Print Comics Died? I SAY THEE NAY

I still remember the excitement of running across the street every week to my local newsstand to see what new comic books came out. When comic books were still 25-cents. It's where I discovered Spider-man, Shazam!, The Fantastic Four, Hulk, Marvel Two-In-One, and Star Wars (BEFORE the movie came out). I remember when Iron Man had a nose.

Today marks the first day in my lifetime that new print comics will not be distributed.

Many of my peers are still producing new work for Marvel, DC, Archie, other I.P. and creator-owned fare, but it is a sobering time for our industry. For everyone, everywhere. We have been crippled by Covid-19.

The good news is that comic book shops and certain publishers have libraries of comic books, collections, graphic novels, mini-comix, zines, etc., for sale. If you like comics they have them. Just like when you finish binge watching a TV show and seek recommendations for more TV shows, the same goes for comic books.

Contact your local comic book shop and ask what they recommended from their stock (here's a link to mine: ). Ask a friend or someone in the industry for recommendations. Not just the new stuff or the popular stuff. What about the stories that got away? The alternative? The unseen? Give 'em a try. Now is the time. And, by doing that, you will help your comics community in more ways than one.

Not to short shrift digital and webcomics, either. I've been a champion of online comix since 2006. And, guess what? Most ALL of my online comics live a second life IN PRINT.

Right now, today, we need to help save our retailers and our beloved industry from collapsing. I know everyone's finances has been hit hard and we need to pick and choose between food, medicine, and other essentials. But, comic books have been essential to me as oxygen; a life force, since I first ran across the street to my local newsstand.

Please do what you can, when you can. Recommend a comic or two to friends and family, every week.

Thank you.


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