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Publisher's Weekly: Webtoon Builds An Audience for Webcomics

Calvin Reid interviewed me for an article about Webtoon at Publisher's Weekly.


Webtoon has also partnered with veteran comics professionals, among them Dean Haspiel, who has worked for Marvel, DC, and indie houses. Haspiel launched Red Hook, a satirical superhero series that is now in its third online iteration, on Webtoon in 2016. While Webtoon does not offer print editions, Haspiel has a deal with Image Comics, which released a trade paperback collection of Red Hook: New Brooklyn in 2018; the second volume, Red Hook: War Cry, will be published in October 2019.

Haspiel (The Quitter, The Alcoholic, Billy Dogma, and other graphic novels) described working with Webtoon as “creatively great.” He noted that he’s paid an “acceptable” rate via the site and maintains ownership of his content. “Everyone’s deal is different, but Webtoon has allowed me to be autonomous and work on comics that I own.”

You can read the entire article here:

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