Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Respect the Story

I admire the current pop culture phenomenon's that get people talking about story. It's one of my favorite things to do in person with willing participants. I cherish story. It's sacred to me. But, not everyone gets to indulge story at the exact same time. Alas, technology has made it so we can access each other in ways like never before. Greatly impact our experiences with the press of a button. We hold the nuclear codes in our hands that can annihilate each other's personal experience with story. It's why I no longer discuss most stories online anymore (I sincerely apologize to all those people who may have been spoiled by the comments section in my "Old Yeller" post on Facebook last week). It's too risky. So, please, try to respect each other, especially those who don't have the free time and/or financial ability to indulge certain story delivery systems until they can afford to. Some people suggest that narrative twists and endings don't really matter, but they're lying to you and to themselves. Social networking has already become an interesting human experiment; a challenging balancing act between pro-activity, self-promotion, and toxicity. I'd hate for it to become the place that ruined all stories. If ya gotta blab, please employ SPOILER ALERTS. Thanks!

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