Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

The fork in the road

I've heard the rumblings. A special sect of impassioned fans championing new comix inspired by the golden age of yesteryear. I joined the front lines, early on, waving that flag for decades. A patron of those creators who captured the flames and lightning from that groundbreaking Marvel Comics explosion in their works: Miller, Simonson, Starlin, Mignola, Giffen, Staton, Rude, Allred, Pope, Burden, Larsen, Quitely, Cooke, etc. Somewhere in the early 80s, I started writing and drawing my own.

Never one of the cool kids, I was too quirky. Not ready for prime time. However, I was lucky to enjoy some recognition but it was usually for my collaborations or my occasional memoir stuff. Never really popped with my superhero leanings, corporate-owned and/or creator-owned. Billy Dogma barely made muster and The Red Hook is basically ignored by the very fans I'm trying to appeal to.

Is a format issue? Perhaps. But, webcomics has been very good to me. I just didn't crack the comic book shop like I'd hoped to.

Is what I do not very good? I can't think about that. Besides, your mileage may vary. And, I don't have the cache of the current cabal of pseudo-neo-revenge comix slipping and sliding in '90s comics slime. I'm a cartoonist who unabashedly mashes up 60's anti-establishment silver age (Kirby, Beck, Ditko) with 80's indie-grit (Chaykin, Miller, Pope) all wrapped up in sci-fi romance monster comix. So, I continue to drive blind with unbridled passion in the gas tank, hoping to find a less bumpy road to Valhalla.

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