Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Dean Haspiel's STARCROSS launches today for free at LINE Webtoon

STARCROSS, the third installment of my Red Hook series, debuts today for free at LINE Webtoon (App).

STARCROSS finds New Brooklyn on the eve of an ice age that will make all life on earth extinct. The only way to save the planet is for The Red Hook to ally with Sun Dog, find and rekindle romance with War Cry, confront the Omni-Gods, and give birth to a new dawn where only love can save the world!

You can read the first three chapters here:

"STARCROSS is the cosmic conclusion of a romance featuring the life, death and resurrection of War Cry and her lover, former thief/superhero, The Red Hook in New Brooklyn. Metaphorical themes of secession, unrequited love, and global warming make this season a must-read for all fans of the modern antihero."

Please know it's best to view STARCROSS on your smart phone and/or tablet.


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