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Dean Haspiel at New York Comicon 2018

I will be attending New York Comicon 2018 this Friday and Saturday, and will be participating on a few panels and doing a couple of signings for The Alcoholic and The Red Hook.

FRIDAY 10/5/2018

12:30PM - 1:30PM Berger Books: The Second Wave / Room 1A21
Berger Books keeps great comics coming in its second wave of new and unusual genre-bending series! Editor Karen Berger (Vertigo founder) is joined by legendary comics writer Ann Nocenti (The Seeds), Get Jiro co-writer, Joel Rose, (Anthony Bourdain’s Hungry Ghosts), artist Martín Morazzo of She Could Fly, best-selling Chang & Eng novelist Darin Strauss (Olivia Twist) and short fiction writer Adam Dalva (Olivia Twist), Dean Haspiel, Emmy Award-winning artist of HBO's Bored to Death (The Alcoholic), Richard Bruning, Berger Books art director, and renowned comics writer J.M. De Matteis (Spiderman, Moonshadow) announcing a brand new series with artist Corin Howell (Ghostbusters)!

3:00pm - 3:50pm Dark Horse Comics booth #1636
BERGER BOOKS GROUP SIGNING with Dave Gibbons, Dean Haspiel, JM De Matteis, Corin Howell, Karen Berger

5:00pm The Red Hook/Dean Haspiel signing at Image Comics booth #1444

SATURDAY 10/6/2018

11:00AM - 12:00PM Will Eisner and the Graphic Novel Revolution / Room 1B03
WILL EISNER revolutionized comics with his pioneering 1978 graphic novel, “A Contract with God.” GN sales have now outgrown comic book sales and can be found in an amazing array of genres and styles. DENIS KITCHEN (“A Contract With God Curator’s Collection”), KAREN GREEN (Curator of Comics & Cartoons at Columbia), N.C. CHRISTOPHER COUCH (“Will Eisner Companion”), DEAN HASPIEL (“The Red Hook”) and PAUL LEVITZ (“Brooklyn Blood”) discuss the evolution of the graphic novel and what the future holds. Speakers: Paul Levitz (moderator), Denis Kitchen, Karen Green, N.C. Christopher Couch, Dean Haspiel, Danny Fingeroth

1:30PM – 2:30PM Welcome to the Digital Age of Comics / Room 1B03
Panel discussion from the big three on the success of digital comics. No longer does a creator have to wait for print and ship, you can go live when you are ready and get immediate feedback from fans. For creators what it takes to join a platform. For readers, the diversity of content is endless. Speakers: Michael Son, Tom Akel, Heidi MacDonald, Dean Haspiel, Michi, Ben Wolstenholme
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