Man-Size (man_size) wrote,
man_size Image Comics' We Believe In Suspense Panel at SDCC 2018

Hannah Means-Shannon reported on Image Comics' We Believe In Suspense Panel at San Diego Comicon 2018.


"Dean Haspiel’s Red Hook is kind of an avatar for Silver Age sensibilities, and his long history of working with many legendary comic creators starting in the 80’s onwards. He populated the comic with his “best friends”, a lot of early superheroes, but he’s created his own. There’s an innocence to earlier comics that still appeals to Haspiel, and you’ll find old school stuff thrown into the comic, like classic tropes. He likes to flip and modernize elements, too. There are some politics in the comic, too, like economic commentary on the role of art and the need for supporting artists in society. Creating art creates a kind of “energy”, he feels, and hopefully a positive one, and yet rents rise and spaces shrink, limiting the ability of artists to survive."

"Haspiel added that you should ask more questions than you answer in a comic, and that also develops tension."

"Working on Red Hook for Line Webtoon, which has a vertical scroll, had different reveals and structures based on the reading media, and it took some experimentation and tweaking from him to get suspense into it differently than on a comic page, he said."

Read the entire report here:


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