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man_size The Berger Books panel at SDCC 2018

Hannah Means-Shannon reported The Berger Books panel at San Diego Comicon 2018.


"The Alcoholic was originally created by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel, and is back in a new 10th Anniversary Edition from Berger Books, originally published by Vertigo. Haspiel said that Ames was someone whose essays he’d been reading in newspapers, and one day Haspiel walked into a local café and saw him. Haspiel walked up and told Ames that they would work together, at least that’s Haspiel’s perspective on it. Ames had been a comic reader as a kid. The project they created was eventually brought in to Vertigo by Jonathan Vankin and Karen Berger.

It’s a heartbreaking story about an alcoholic, but there’s a lot of levity and humor in the story as well, Haspiel said. Serious messages are best told through comedy, Haspiel feels. There’s also action, romance, and an account of a life from childhood to adulthood. Haspiel loves the ending, too, and was proud to “convey the story visually”. Berger commented that Haspiel is one of the best storytellers in the comic industry. When the book went out of print at Vertigo, the creators asked Berger if she’d like to do another version. It arrives in September, with designs by Richard Bruning.

Haspiel thinks it’s cool that the new release of the book is that his own work and also Ames’ work has risen in the intervening 10 years, which means even more people will be aware of it."

Read the entire report here:


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