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NY1 News: The subway, through the eyes of cartoonists

NY1 News reporter Jose Martinez did a piece called "The subway, through the eyes of cartoonists" on NY Transit Museum's "Underground Heroes" cartoon & comics art exhibition.

You can watch it here:


"The exhibit displays drawings from the 1800s, when streetcars carried New Yorkers, to the delay-plagued system New Yorkers endure today.

Some of the themes are eternal, like the plague of overcrowding and the difficulty of getting a seat.

There is satire. "Houston, we have a pronouncation problem..." says one cartoon.

And, of course, fantasy: Superman, Spider-Man, The Punisher, Daredevil and Brooklyn's own "Red Hook."

"There's superheroes, there's monsters and there's regular people just like us," said Jodi Shapiro, associate curator with the New York Transit Museum.

The subway has long been fertile ground for cartoonists, and not just because many of them live here. It offers a chance to create intricate drawings and, with nearly 6 million daily riders, weigh in on the human condition."

Here are some snapshots from the opening reception:


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