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Villain Media reviews THE RED HOOK vol.1 New Brooklyn

Thanks, Jorge Solis, for your kind review of THE RED HOOK at Villain Media!


"An eye-pleasing nostalgic throwback, The Red Hook Volume 1: New Brooklyn (Image Comics) delivers a pulpy and action-packed adventure full of superhero wit."

"At a fast pace, writer Dean Haspiel spins his own coming-of-age tale, twisting the origin story of a superhero. The Red Hook learns the hard way that it must easier to be the bad guy, than being a do-gooder. The first volume follows the Red Hook’s interesting character arc as he tackles family, crime, and his love life."

"Taking over the art duties as well, Haspiel has the titled superhero dominate the page with his red bodysuit. The Red Hook looks the part of a Silver Age hero with his bulky muscles, the charming smile, and the swashbuckling mustache. Even the antagonists stand out with their luchador masks and oversized heavy weight."

"I think it’s also interesting how New York becomes a full-fledged character in the narrative. Cut off from the rest of the world, New Brooklyn has become a dystopia where crime flourishes and the gods could care less about the average citizens. The future looks bleak, but if you end up at the right corner in Brooklyn, there’s always hope."

Read the entire review here:

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