Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Fueled by Death Cast episode 69: Stoya

Fueled by Death Cast episode 69: Stoya


Jeff Ayers: Speaking of acting, you're also in an upcoming play.

Stoya: The Last Bar at the End of the World.

Jeff: That's so great. Written by a mutual friend, Dean Haspiel which is wonderful. This is the second time that you're working with him on stage, right?

Stoya: Yeah.

Jeff: These two times, is this your first foray into stage acting?

Stoya: Yup.

Jeff: What do you think of that? Do you like that?

Stoya: I might like that even better than film acting.

Jeff: Really, how come?

Stoya: I mean the pay is terrible.

Jeff: What are the differences between film and on the stage?

Stoya: So, on the stage it's very immediate. There's no oops, can we go back and do that again, there's no, fuck, what's my line. There's no, oh, you stepped on my line, I'm going to cram. No, you just have to like roll with it. So it's exhilarating and having the instant feedback is also wonderful.

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