Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Breaking into comix as a writer in 2018

I received an email recently from a freelance writer asking me advice about breaking into the comic book business and if I knew of anyone that was hiring. The writer was looking for a full-time job in comics.

This is how I responded:

I'm two months away from having no paying work in comix. When you're an old, freelance semi-outlier like me who hopscotches between occasional mainstream work and living by the skin-of-your-teeth indie/alternative comix, you live paycheck-to-paycheck. And, that's WITH a solid 25-year resume to recommend you. Yeah, working in comix is anxiety-inducing; mentality & physically unhealthy. And, because I've been at this for way too long, I don't know that I have any NEW insight into scoring a writing gig except that you gotta pair up with an exciting/intelligent artist who is committed to developing/co-creating a comic (basically for free) and pitching it to the best publishers. If you're lucky enough to gain interest and a fair deal, cross your fingers that your series scores loyal readers and sells. Market the hell out of your wares and don't disappear.

I still covet print but digital is where it's at. Post your comix online, get traction. Use places like LINE Webtoons; upload your stuff in their "Discovery" section. Launch a Patreon. Show up to comix shows/events/signings. Be part of the community. It's very rare that a creator shows up outta nowhere and sticks the landing right out of the gate.

Keep writing. Write for other venues. Get your name out there; become synonymous with comix. Make friends with artists and collaborate on small/doable stories. Spark a weekly webcomic if you can.

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