Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

NiggerKojak, expect something in the mail soon.

Biked down to the DMV on Flatbush to snag two copies of the NY State Driver's Manual, so SBX and I could get us some license to drive. SBX has an international license and wants to make it local. I've never tested for one before and need to get with the program. After waiting on line with the most foul looking po' folk, I bought an ear of corn at the Fried Chicken & Biscuit shack next door and took a seat while the sky took a tinkle. Minding my own, a desperate man plopped a copper key chain next to me. It was a rectangular facsimile of the Manhattan skyline the morning of 9.11.01. Twin Towers and all, this token was brought to us by the good folks who "made in China." Sometimes I wonder if there's a spy-thriller somewhere in there where Made In China hooks up with Inspector 12 and storm warehouses like Bronson's Mr. MAJESTIC, across the nation. A yellow tag attached to the key chain read: "Pardon me I am deaf. These items are for support of my family. Donations: $2.00 or $3.00, if you wish. Thank You very much." Next to the note was a smiley face with the word "Smile." I did. Not wanting to play into the game, but feeling sorry for a deaf man in a fried chicken shack on Flatbush Avenue, I dug for two-bucks and thought about who I knew that would actually use this for their house/car keys?

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