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The Brooklyn Paper: Dying on stage: Cartoonist writes play about angel of death

(Stoya and Alex Emanuel rehearse for HARAKIRI KANE)

Journalist Alexandra Simon interviewed me and Stoya about our upcoming play, HARAKIRI KANE, for The Brooklyn Paper.


“One way I describe comics is there’s an unlimited budget with a blank piece of paper and you can draw anything you want,” he said. “But in theater it’s live, and it involves a collection of people basically interpreting your words — there’s a lot more talking going on in theater, but in comics there’s a lot more action.”

“In his encounters he realizes that people all around him are dying within five minutes of meeting him,” said Haspiel. “He died a year ago and doesn’t know it, and he’s like this angel of death with amnesia.”

“Every time I would step out the door, someone was getting hit by car or jumping off a building, and I felt so many feelings clumped together,” said Haspiel. “In some ways I started to take it personal and I thought I was a magnet for death.”


Other characters among the 14-person cast include a serial killer, a chef, and Kane’s love interest Sharon, played by adult actress Stoya. Haspiel and Stoya met while working on a comic book story for Heavy Metal magazine, and she was drawn to the role because it gives her a chance to tackle a new kind of part, she said, and because she was intrigued by the plot.

“What made the role appealing to me is that it’s rare that I’m offered a role that is anything other than a sex worker — this was a real role,” she said. “I think any good story is a metaphor in a way, and ‘Harakiri Kane’ can be about mortality, or a metaphor for art and creative instincts, and that’s what makes it good.”

Read the entire article here:

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