Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Self-entitled fans who organize hate

Trying to wrap my head around giving two fucks why I should be concerned about a hate-baiting fan (and his/her legion of lemmings) who don't respect the fact that it's a privilege to be able to access a creator beyond writing a disgruntled letter (email/tweet/etc.) to the publisher in response to the work (not the person). These kinds of fans are self-entitled creeps who use entertainment and fiction to reconcile the menace of their emotional delinquency, never once understanding the concept of franchise, iteration, adaptation, revamp, reboot, (rinse & repeat) and feel beholden to their very first encounter of any given franchise as if it were the holy grail. We all have our complaints but mature people don't dictate their desires upon others. They are free to criticize the work but NOT the creators. And how DARE they organize personal attacks and campaign hate! (over a comic book?) HOW DARE THEY! We've come upon an age where we've lifted the veil between creator and creation TOO MUCH. And, we've become too accessible to the dangers of arrogantly ignorant sycophants trolling the universe in hopes of shaping it into their perverted palace of puppets. Bottom line: creators have the drive and the tools to create. Don't like Spider-man anymore? Create your own. These kind of "fans" don't have the tools. Wouldn't know what to do with them if they did have the tools. I will keep an open mind and try to help resolve these problems as best I can (admitting that I may not have the tools for such resolve) but I will not tolerate harassment and physical abuse.

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