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Dean Haspiel at Baltimore Comicon 2017

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I'm a guest at Baltimore Comicon 2017 and will be tabling with Christa Cassano, Jason Goungor, Chris Miskiewicz, David Trustman & Sarah Moseley. We're debuting GOD SLAP, a graphic novel (see: ) that I co-created with David Trustman. I'm also a 'Ringo Award nominee for my webcomic, THE RED HOOK, and I contributed an original pin-up for the Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook featuring TELLOS by Todd Dezago and the late/great Mike Wieringo!

Please ask me about my upcoming webcomic, WAR CRY, and my upcoming play, HARAKIRI KANE.

Check out the panels I'll be on:

Friday, Sept. 22nd

3:15-4:15/room 343-344 - The Power Of Magic And The Magic Of Memory
Learn about magic in comics, its roots in reality, and the magic of memory. Chris Miskiewicz (THOMAS ALSOP) will talk about the magical mythology of New York City, and Dean Haspiel (THE RED HOOK) will preview his upcoming webcomic WAR CRY, showing how transfiguration can deliver powerful moments in storytelling. Sarah Trustman (THE MEMORY ARTS) will discuss using comics to teach real world magic and give a demonstration of the same memory techniques that appear so fantastic that using them got people burned as witches. And, David Trustman (THE RISE) will discuss his controversial graphic novel, GOD SLAP, and its modern take on religious magic.

Saturday, Sept 23rd

5:15-6:15/room 345-346 - Creator-owned vs. Company-owned
A company-owned property usually means a good paycheck, guaranteed audience, and a chance to reach a wider readership than creator-owned works. But the latter offers great freedom and satisfaction. Walter Simonson, Dean Haspiel, and Thom Zahler talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly with moderator Robert Greenberger.

Sunday, Sept 24th

1:30-2:30/room 339-342 - Jack Kirby at 100
This past month, the comics world celebrated what would have been the 100th birthday of legendary creator Jack Kirby. Tom King, Walter Simonson, Mark Buckingham, Jerry Ordway, Dean Haspiel, John K. Snyder III, the Kirby Museum’s Rand Hoppe, and moderator Mark Evanier discuss Kirby’s work and it’s lasting influence in comics today.

For more information about Baltimore Comicon:

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