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The Mighty Crusaders 2017

Comic book news broke recently that Dark Circle, an imprint of Archie Comics, is launching a new iteration of The Mighty Crusaders.

There was a day, a few years ago, when I was offered the line-art chores for The New Crusaders. I don't know if there was a creative shake-up or what (I was never made privy) but I immediately turned it down because I didn't feel I could draw a team book very well and I was more interested in pursuing The Fox. Then, The New Crusaders went on hiatus.

When I was working on The Fox, one of my narrative goals was to eventually steer The Fox into a proper Mighty Crusaders team-book featuring the legends. I had a loose idea of how to resurrect the supposedly dead core members (it involved Madam Satan) and an Impact City-wide threat that would unite the Mighty Crusaders, once and for all. I also had a loose idea that would involve The Fox's ex-girlfriend (the original She-Fox) to make a return as a nefarious therapist to the superheroes while they dealt with reconciling their resurrection. I was going to have Inferno start dating The Marvel, too. Something I hinted at in "Fox Hunt." With Mark Waid on words, it could've been a killer tale.

I also know that J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Cavallaro conceived of a great Shield story that would've bent minds. I believe Vito Delsante had ideas for The Black Hood, too.

Still, I look forward to the latest incarnation of The Mighty Crusaders.


Someone suggested that Archie should've (I don't like using that term "should've" because it's not for me to say who should or shouldn't do what, much less a corporation) been publishing, at the very least, Might Crusaders back-up stories (featuring solo & team adventures) in their regular Archie titles. Something to acclimate all readers so that it doesn't feel "new" with a side of "where did THEY come from?" every time Archie reboots their superheroes. Those heroes would've become part of the regular Archie Comics lexicon.

I've discussed a version of this idea with Tom Defalco (who recently wrote a great REGGIE & ME mini-series) about doing something where Archie goes to Impact City as a regular guy to, I dunno, do a report or a retreat from Riverdale or something, and becomes the reason or the witness that brings back the Mighty Crusaders, one at a time, ultimately uniting the characters for some important purpose. Archie is the glue as we observe the reboot of a superhero universe through his eyes. Just like Archie was/is the glue for their horror line and anything else they publish. Archie is the key. Think Harvey Pekar entering the Marvel Universe, an every man, albeit less cranky and more adventurous and you'll start to get what I mean.


The monthly comic book is a bitch to make successful. And, it's near impossible to compete with Marvel & DC, Hellboy, and The Walking Dead, all properties that currently have other major media outlets to drive their IP & comic book sales. Rumor has it that Disney may shutter the Marvel publishing line and license their IP to other publishers to see if they can get any traction. I don't see why Disney wouldn't just cut their books by 2/3rds and staff in half and produce one title each of their main characters; digital first (86 the monthly print comics) and just print publish collections and reprint legacy stories. It's a no-brainer.

Anyway, Archie has other venues to pursue (bring back the spinner rack in supermarkets) and they CAN make a dent in the superhero genre if they just hire (PAY FOR) the best talent to make All-Ages stories (see: Pixar/Disney) and stay away from the bleak trends that seem to ultimately extinguish most family-friendly franchises.

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