Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

The Purple Heart: NO MORE GUNS in The NuBKU

 photo NO-MORE-GUNS_zpsvijrmqqu.jpg

Quite proud of this effort. We've been wanting to eradicate all guns in the New Brooklyn Universe for a long while now and today is the day it became official.


There are many ways to maim and kill and achieve the soul-shattering horror of violence, but we need to reduce those options and it begins with banishing guns to ashes, as sparked by the power of The Purple Heart's cosmic rap. Chapter 23 is a feather in our creative caps.

Sure, it's fantasy and taking away guns steps on certain rights but the New Brooklyn Universe explores meaningful alternatives, like making art to barter for food and services, and other communal solutions by contrasting and questioning old ways with new ideas.

Please check out what Vito Delsante, Ricardo Venancio, me, and Tom Akel have been doing at LINE WEBTOON -- for free!

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