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Dean Haspiel guests at C3 & Long Beach Comics Expo

On February 17th, I will be a guest at Comic Creator Con (C3) and doing a panel.

Friday 2/17, 6:00pm, Room S1
Politics of Partnership
Dean Haspiel, Amy Reeder, Mark Waid & Russell Nohelty
Working with a creative team on an independent title or through a major publisher can come with questions of ownership and percentages. Mark Waid, Dean Haspiel and Amy Reeder discuss how to navigate these waters and negotiate the best deal for all parties involved. Moderated by Russell Nohelty, host of the Business of Art podcast

February 18th - 19th, I will be a guest at Long Beach Comics Expo and doing a panel.

Sunday 2/19, 12:30pm, Rumble Room S7
"Write For Your Life"
Mark Waid, DJ Kirkbride, David Gallaher, & Dean Haspiel. Moderated by Heidi MacDonald.
If you've ever wanted to write comics for a living, this panel is a can't miss opportunity. Writing powerhouses Mark Waid, Dean Haspiel, D.J. Kirkbride and David Gallaher have been doing it for years and are here to tell you how they accomplished it! Questions can be asked! Answers will be given! Moderated by The Comic Beat's Heidi MacDonald.

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