Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Comix Q&A from an Indian girl in Grade 10

Right before the end of 2016, I was contacted by a girl from India in Grade 10 who wanted to interview me for her school exam. I was juggling deadlines and holidays and didn't have the time to answer her questions in depth.

1) What piqued your interest in drawing comics?

Reading comics was a way for me to escape and immerse in other worlds, yet, it made me want to draw and write them, too. The medium sells itself. Especially during a time before movies, TV, and video games could do some of the things that only comics could do.

2) How do you come up with your character designs?

I'm inspired by truth and entertainment and my favorite artists and authors. Every good character should exploit its origin but be versatile for expansion.

3) What does it take to make a well developed plot?

A story that involves characters you care about immediately while dramatically exploring what they want and the obstacles that get in their way. And, at the end of the story, what did the characters learn?

4) Do you prefer drawing digitally or utilizing traditional mediums?

I only draw with pencil and ink on paper. I use Photoshop to color and letter. I sometimes hand letter.

5) Which of your works are you most proud of and why?

Billy Dogma in Fear, My Dear. And, The Red Hook. Because they are autonomous works that speak to my sensibilities as a person and creator. I'm also proud of my collaborations with Jonathan Ames on The Alcoholic, and with Inverna Lockpez on CUBA: My Revolution. My work on The Fox is my favorite franchise job, thus far.

6) What was the inspiration behind The Red Hook?

I challenged myself to create a character done in the style and spirit of "What if a posthumous Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, and Alex Toth collaborated on a brand new character?" The Red Hook is a super thief forced to become a superhero against his will or he will die, during a time when a sentient and heartbroken Brooklyn literally and physically secedes from America. It's a concept that lets me play with the absurdity of the superhero genre while commenting on current events in my life.

7) Between DC and Marvel comics, which do you prefer and why?

I grew up reading more stories involving Marvel Comics characters. I think, partially because the characters lived in real places, mostly in New York where I live. I could imagine Spider-man swinging by my window or The Fantastic Four fighting the Mole Man in midtown. There is more science-fiction and romance in Marvel Comics.

8) What is your take on superhero comics in modern pop culture?

Superheroes are America's modern version of Greek and Norse gods and mythology.

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