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Vampirella Interview

Don't know if they plan to run the entire Q&A in VAMPIRELLA #8 [due November], but I thought I'd archive it here.


How did you approach drawing Vampirella? What particular look and feel were your going for?

Since half of "Kickstart My Heart" is a modern spy thriller and the other half is a tragic monster romance, my task was to gel two genres. There being no way in hell I could ape classic VAMPIRELLA [ala Frank Frazetta, Neal Adams, and Tom Sutton], the goal I wanted to achieve was good "bad girl" art by keeping the action saucy and the ink line lush. Plus, I've been itching to add greytones to my art which is a graphic staple for horror magazines.

How did you hook up with Brian Wood?

Before he high-tailed it to the west coast, Brian Wood and I used to live near each other in Brooklyn. I'm in Carroll Gardens and he used to live in Park Slope. Regular bike rides around Prospect Park used to send me down his block and, one day, I recognized Brian chilling on his stoop. We talked shoppe and he was cool. After reading his spare yet moving stories [with collaborator Becky Cloonan] in DEMO, I wanted to work with him. When the opportunity to draw a VAMPIRELLA story became available, I gave Brian a shout and asked if he would write me something. After one brainstorm on the phone, a week later I had a great script to draw.

What personal dream project have you always wanted to get done, but just haven't had time for?

I have more creator-owned projects I've written that I would like to draw, including BILLY DOGMA. But, for the mainstream, I'd kill to revamp Jack Kirby's OMAC [One Man Army Corps], or just draw tales of CAPTAIN MARVEL, PLASTIC MAN, and DEVIL DINOSAUR. Maybe bring back my favorite superhero anthology, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE, starring THE THING.

At SPX, some of the younger creators apparently think of you as the life of the party. How has that changed
and why?

Bob Fingerman once said to me "The worst advertisement for getting old is old people." I'm getting old. Heck, I was old seven years ago when I attended my very first SPX! But, that never stopped me from stripping! And, in my declining years, it still doesn't today. Besides, I'm not fond of clothes. Unless some chucklehead flexes a nightstick, flashes a badge, and/or has health insurance, most folks won't stop you for being who you are. Especially not at SPX where they champion individuality. Shirt be gone!

What are your all-time three favorite comics/graphic novels?

Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's THE FANTASTIC FOUR
Howard Chaykin's AMERICAN FLAGG!
Frank Miller's SIN CITY

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