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Trouble with Comics reviews Dean Haspiel's BEEF WITH TOMATO

Thanks, Matt Lacroix, for writing such a great review for my graphic novel, BEEF WITH TOMATO at Trouble With Comics.


"Much of the book finds Haspiel at the center of acts of sexual exhibitionism, blunt force trauma, and/or drunken Greek mobsters as a matter of course, not so much surprising as they are disorienting. Beef With Tomato is a look into the non-trust-fund-fueled life of an urban artist living somewhere between the hipster elite and the lunatic fringe. Less a cohesive narrative (albeit with several common threads) than a series of vignettes, the book delivers a fully-realized experience that resonates past the confines of the page."

"To put it charitably, Haspiel’s life (as depicted) is pretty weird, and I don’t use that as a pejorative. The situations in which Haspiel finds himself are almost too weird to believe, and yet are sadly indicative of the undeniable madness found in the modern world. Unlike many such biographical works, Beef With Tomato is suffused with an undercurrent of chaos that defies convention."

"The art is crisp and clean, detailed yet unobtrusive, which allows Haspiel’s narrative to shine. In his more unfettered moments, Haspiel’s New York is an eclectic mix of constant, jarring, disparate images."

"When Haspiel is profoundly affected by something, he is an able philosopher with a fresh take on otherwise mundane (or one-note) occurrences. These moments largely occur in several short essays toward the latter part of the book, and the format shift helps to more fully flesh out Haspiel’s philosophy."

Read the entire review here:

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