Man-Size (man_size) wrote,


I happen to enjoy, on a lizard-brained level, some blockbuster intended movie flops. My B-movie tastes don't reflect the demographics and critical response higher-ups require to make billion dollar decisions. Still, I've witnessed too many well-paid executives pass the proverbial buck when an expensive venture tanked, yet, they continue to keep their jobs while too many innocent craftsmen and creatives who didn't have the power to stick to their guns and manifest their unique visions (for better or for worse) took the bullet. Most (if not all) billion dollar decision-making is predicated on the concept (and hope) of wide-appeal but that's lightning in a bottle when it clicks. And, now that we have WAY MORE delivery systems and WAY MORE diverse tastes being met on a regular basis (for the people/by the people) it's become nigh-impossible to invest in something that will make that kind of surefire impact on the cultural zeitgeist. And, the more I think about that very notion, the more obnoxious it sounds, the more preposterous that kind of a business decision is despite pre-sales across the planet paying for such a world-wide venture. Spend less money and make more different things. Success can be the ability to make more of what you love and eat okay under a nice roof around good people.

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