Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

TEAM AMERICA - World Police

It's 9/11 x 1000.

The Beat's Heidi MacDonald invited me to an advance screening of TEAM AMERICA last night. The only SOUTH PARK I ever saw was the original 5-minute 'Jesus vs Satan' X-mas teaser that got Trey Parker & Matt Stone their regular show. Even though I don't have cable TV, people who's opinions I trust swear by SOUTH PARK and I own HOW'S YOUR NEWS, an endearing movie about mentally challenged folks doing "man on the street" interviews and reportage while traveling Americana.

If Bush hadn't been our President [papa and son], there would be no TEAM AMERICA. Would I sacrifice the laugh riot, patriot puppet jihad that is TEAM AMERICA, if our response to terrorism could have been sane? Absolutely. But, since I don't own a time machine and a gun, I can live with this bold and scathing commentary that will inundate society with its subversive message and do more good [damage?] than Michael Moore purports to achieve. Plus, the songs are too memorable.

If you can only see one movie this year, let it be TEAM AMERICA - WORLD POLICE.

Here is The Beat's dead-on review:

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