Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Story vs Internet

I believe binge-watching and unsolicited spoilers and marketing campaigns that reveal major plot points destroyed the art of the moving picture narrative. And, since most media is marketed to the youth (these days it's millennials), I wonder if polls suggest that story doesn't matter or are publishers and studios so desperate to get attention (hopefully leading to sales) that they'll do almost anything (spill beans) in order to gain it?

Maybe millennials are less interested in a story that is shaped by pace and payoff. Why waste your time on something that ends in 2 hours (movie) or 10 hours (season of TV) when you can just sit and stare at a digital version of life happening 24/7/365 (internet) with all its ups and downs and curve balls? A seamless narrative of whatever happens, happens. Perfect fodder for an Attention Deficit Disorder culture. "Hey honey, wanna internet tonight?" You bring the popcorn, I'll bring the charger.

I'm 49 and, basically, know what I like. But, what will surely shorten my lifes is to ONLY indulge what I deem safe and reliable. I'm loyal to what I love but I have a big heart for what is new and uncharted. And, as much as I can "curate" my social networking; turning people on to what I dig and discover, I rely on my peeps to turn me on, too. And, hell no, I cannot afford the time & money required to reach that astral plane of all-knowing awesomeness but I covet those mini-paths that takes me to places I would never consider.

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