Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Life Drawing at The Cave

From: Fred Harper <>
Subject: Figure drawing @ the "Cave"

Wednesdays from 7pm - 10pm

$10 flat fee, unless you're feeling generous and throw in an extra buck to tip the model (optional, of course).

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think would like to come draw. A typical night of drawing here. We usually start around 7. We only start later if the model is late. Once in a while when I'm late! I live and work here, so I don't keep a lot of easels and drawing desks around. I put as many chairs as there are people around the spot in my studio where the model will be. It's a very simple set up. A chair or a bench, canvas on the floor and a few pillows that is up to the model when to use them. One strong light source and more general light to draw by.

We do blocks of 20 minutes, starting with 2 minute gestures and then any combo of 5's and ten's and we work up to a few twenties towards the end. We have little coffee breaks every 20 minutes. One larger break about half way through which gives everyone just enough time to ge into a good discussion when I heard everyone back to draw. I try to keep it casual enough that you can continue talking as we draw.

If I don't have a pressing deadline, you don't have to rush out right away. You're welcome to bring a drink to have at the end, or during if that works better for you! I have a real bar set up that I saved from the trash when a local coffee bar renovated. That's where the coffee is for the breaks. You might call it the "Drawing Lounge". If you want alcohol, you'll have to bring your own. I don't do this to make money and I don't do it to loose money! It's just a good environment to meet some cool people, and show some art you want an opinion on or are just proud of.

I don't teach anything and nobody will be looking over your shoulder. If you ask an opinion, I'm sure you'll get one. If you ask mine, you'll definitely get one! If you show up by 6:30, I'll "let" you help me set up!

Be well!


How to get to Fred Harper's studio:

From the F train... walk down on Jay st. two blocks from York to Water street. Turn left on Water. Go one block to Pearl street. Turn right on Pearl. 39 Pearl is between Water and Plymouth and will be on the right as you walk toward Plymouth. Buzzer is 4R (there's no name by the buzzer) There is an elevator down the hall. We're on the 4th floor on the right as you exit the "lift".
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