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At THE COMICS BEAT: "Artist Buzz calls for #occupyartistalley movement to stop rip-off print vendors"

My response:

Artist’s Alley (AA) should be populated by artist’s of all dimensions, skill-sets and measures. If a show wants to curate and quarantine a “pro section” (however that’s defined), I guess that’s okay but I prefer to sit among rookies and veterans and odd-balls (like myself). It keeps the energy of AA diverse and exciting.

Draw & sell what you want (franchise companies WANT you to perpetuate their I.P.) as long as it’s tasteful and you’re not stealing someone else’s art. You steal, you get ousted. Dig?

I’m not a fan of what Roy Lichtenstein did — appropriating & recontextualizing comics art for pop art — but that’s not what these thieves are doing with the flick of a filter on Photoshop. It’s Artist’s Alley NOT Crime Alley.

I exhibit at different types of shows; from indie to mainstream to pop culture, and I do my best to hawk my creator-owned wares while, occasionally, appealing to what is hip. I don’t draw actors portraying characters (celebrity art is not my cuppa) but an original sketch or reprint of an original sketch is between the artist and the buyer. Reggae dubs it “version.” Who doesn’t love an original version?

The industry KNOWS how tough it is to squeak by and gives a lot of latitude to creators and its fans. Don’t abuse it, is all.

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