Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

A brief Recommended & Required reading for making comix

On Facebook, Marcus Bucklin asked, "Hey Dean, what are some books you'd recommend that would help someone looking to improve on their cartooning and anatomy? Also, what books are you enjoying right now? What do you consider required reading for any comix fan?"

My answer, "I'm more concerned with crafting story than I am with anatomy (as evidenced in my art - hah). If you're seriously considering making comix, remember that its all about storytelling; or showing story. Study the tenets of David Mamet's ON DIRECTING FILM and then break them wisely. Read lots of different books & comix and watch movies for their narrative expressions and storytelling devices (boil down moving images into static ones). Three great comix to be entertained by WHILE being educated about the comix form: ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, SCALPED, and Jack Kirby's OMAC. For reckless abandon and sheer indie/alt energy, check out Michel Fiffe's COPRA and David Trustman's GOD-SLAP:

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