Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Matter Eater Lad

 photo MatterEaterLad_BouncingBoy_Dino_zpsavgiocpm.jpg

George Gene Gustines invited me to take part in a gift for his main squeeze Walt for his 50th birthday. A die-hard Legion of Superheroes fan, George curated a massive Legion puzzle-poster and I drew Matter Eater Lad with a cameo from Bouncing Boy.

You can learn more about the project at George's Facebook:

Here is the Legion of Superheroes poster!

 photo 13221512_10153599879502621_4590954246678443399_n_zpsf8gap2df.jpg

The artists (not in order) include:

Andy Lanning; Arlen Schumer; Artyom Trakhanov; Barry Kitson; Bill Walko; Chris Eliopoulos; Chris Giarrusso; Christa Cassano; Chuck Patton; Cliff W Chiang; Dan Parent; Dean Haspiel; Fernando Ruiz; Francis Portela; Fred Hembeck; George Gozum; George O'Connor; Greg LaRocque; Hugo Petrus; Jim Lee; Jeffrey Moy; Jerry Ordway; Joe Staton; Jonathan Brandon Sawyer; Jorge Gonzalez; Judd Winick; Karl Kesel; Leila del Duca; Luciano Vecchio; Mikel Janín; Nikkol Jelenic; Phil Jimenez; Philip Moy; Sandy Jarrell; Scott Kolins; Steve Lightle; Tim Smith; Tony Wolf; Tyler Niccum

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