Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

RIP Prince

I spent this morning with Jen Ferguson, helping her free a rescue pigeon she was taking care of. We drove the pigeon to a park near DUMBO (where Jen found it over a month ago, sick and unable to fly) and we brought it to an area where other pigeons were hanging out. Jen lifted the newly healed pigeon out of its box and let it hop over to the group of pigeons. It walked around, ate food, commiserated and eventually flew up to a tree branch where another pigeon slowly made its way over to welcome it to the gang. We were happy to see it making friends. Jen is an angel. A half hour later I learned that Prince passed away. "Little Red Corvette" was the first Prince song I remember hearing but "When Doves Cry" is the song that changed my life. It made me think about songs as something that transforms you much more than just moving your feet to the beat or aping a chorus. Out of all the comic books and movies and music I indulged as a teenager growing into an adult until right now, it was Prince who made the most impact on me and influenced my life. I made plans to be a guest at Wizard World Minneapolis this coming May. I was going to sneak into Paisley Park and personally thank Prince for everything he ever did. Rest In Peace, Purple One.

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