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FLASHed music playlist for Largehearted Boy

Largehearted Boy asked me to select a song for a music playlist to accompany the anthology "FLASHed: Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose," of which I contributed a comic ("Angel") that was then expanded upon by another writer and cartoonist to create a triptych called "Venus & Mars."

Here is my song selection and explanation:

"My World" by Sly and the Family Stone
Sly Stone's "My World" makes for a deceivingly happy yet soulfully haunting soundtrack to the triptych my monster-romance comic "The Angel" manifested. Backed by world weary horns, the song lyrics alludes to a sense of obsession that is not necessarily healthy. Love can be selfish. Love is often a grotesque projection of ideas put upon another person, desperately knitting together a narrative that doesn't exist. Unlike a cat or dog, love needs to be earned. And, after the car explodes and the house burns down, it's the smoldering person standing next to you that is the one to high-five with sunflower kisses.

Read the rest of the selections by some of the authors and listen to a music mix here:

Learn more about FLASHed here:

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