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The world's greatest comic magazine

The Fantastic Four is what clinched superhero comics for me when I was very young. It's been a lifelong dream of mine to crack FF and I had the honor of illustrating a handful of canon FF scenes last year in the FF series proper, but I can't believe Marvel Comics has officially decided to abandon their flagship title just because another company currently holds the moving picture rights. I don't understand big business but that seems like a lame reason to NOT produce 20-pages of monthly FF continuity. It's not like FF has ever been Marvel's worst selling title. I usually don't care what a company decides to do with their franchise characters and the FF will most likely return to their own title once Marvel regains movie rights, and the core characters will currently exist on the fringes of the Marvel Universe, but I'm genuinely upset about losing the FF comic book to a corporate Mexican standoff.

I actually developed an FF concept that I believe would be a very fun, exciting and controversial yet a respectful way to bring back the FF and put them into regular rotation. In a burst of inspired anxiety, I wrote it a year-and-a-half ago when rumors of Marvel cancelling the FF started to hit the internet. I know it's hacky for a fan cum pro to complain and then claim they have a solution but I've been loyal to the FF for 40-years and I'm passionate about this particular comic book series. Hell, it's what creative people do and I couldn't help myself. I'm genuinely sad to see my favorite superhero team disappear and, perhaps, planning a way to perpetuate their monthly existence is a coping mechanism-of-sorts. At least there are so many great FF stories to steep in by the likes of Kirby & Lee, John Byrne, Waid & Wieringo, and many more custodians of "the world's greatest comic magazine."

The Hollywood Reporter: "Marvel Confirms Shelving 'Fantastic Four' as Ongoing Comic Book Concern"

Bleeding Cool: "Dean Haspiel Has A Plan To Save The Fantastic Four"

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