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 photo Wonderman_Dino_zpsmockqlmn.jpg

Both studio mate/pal/comix writer, Vito Delsante, and comics historian/pal, Christopher Irving hooked me up with Bill Murphy, who is producing several public domain superheroes from the Golden Age of comics (including Mike Allred's contemporary Madman) for a series of action figures called Amazing Heroes. Bill assigned me to draw Wonderman. Here is a mock up of what the packaging will look like:

 photo Main_card_ArtEdFront_WM_ver02_zpsmv1hv2a9.jpeg

It is not known who Wonderman was created by in 1945 but here's a link to the only info I had access to: My quick iteration of Wonderman was inspired by this image (below):

 photo gawonman_zps5fbh345b.jpg

For more information about the Amazing Heroes action figures:

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