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I had the previous honor of paying homage to Mantronix in Ed Piskor's HIP HOP FAMILY TREE vol. 3 --and now I'm paying tribute to Just-Ice in Ed Piskor's HIP HOP FAMILY TREE vol. 4, coming out this summer. Mantronix produced Just-Ice's "Cold Gettin' Dumb," and KRS-One was also a regular producer of his. I remember heading up to Lake George in 1989 for a week with my SUNY Purchase film buddies to shoot an experimental senior film cum feature-length movie called "Lost Prophet," by Michael de Avila ( ), and we drove by a convenience store for some supplies where I discovered a cassette tape of "The Desolate One" by Just-Ice. It was the only album I listened to that week and it got stuck in my brain ever since.

"I am the madness..."

My pin-up is an homage to Just-Ice's "Kool & Deadly" album cover which, I believe, also inspired the cover to the first issue of the great Marvel Comics Luke Cage mini-series, CAGE, written by Brian Azzarello with art by Richard Corben and Jose Villarrubia.

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