Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

10 Phases to Making Comix

1 - Idea. What is it? Where do these things come from!?!

2 - Notes/sketches/designs. Jotting down meaningful images. What does it look like?

3 - Inspiration/Research. Now that you have an iota of an idea -- what influences, supports and destroys that iota?

4 - Plot/Story breakdown. Turn that iota into meaningful clarity.

5 - Script/Words. Give the story pace and personality. Scrutinize the story and let it start to tell YOU what it is.

6 - Layout. What does it look like on the blank page? Where do you hide and exploit its secrets?

7 - Pencils. Fully realize those visuals.

8 - Inks. Embellish those visuals and make it sing. Allow for deliberate accidents where structure meets art and makes something you never saw coming.

9 - Colors. Embed color codes and put lipstick on the pig.

10 - Lettering. The very thing that makes it all work when everything else is failing.

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